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The Full Story


Because I spent the majority of my life on the court or in the field, I found photography as a way to continue to express myself without being on the court. I specialize in capturing athletic landscapes and finding action and emotion in all sports. It started off as a way for me to travel the world and find amazing basketball courts, but now its turned into a way of me getting in on the action, from the sideline. 

Basketball Court
Basketball Court

How it started

Looking back on it, having a father who was a college basketball coach and mother who was TV producer, it makes sense why I've become obsessed sports photography. My first camera was given to me by my mother, a Cannon AT-1 35mm which I still shoot film on today. It's such a fun, nostalgic camera. My love with shooting really started there, but evolved over the years as I continue to learn and explore my capabilities. 

How it's going

My focus has evolved to capturing action, environments, and emotion through my Sony A7 III. I view my camera as a tool of communicating visually the intensity of sports and the beautiful places we live. I've been featured in The Matadore Network, Wilson Basketball online, and Local Hoops. 

Wooden Basketball Court Floor
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